Talking to Fidel Castro in 2006


Here a recent interview I had with the Cuban Leader Fidel Castro: (winter 2006 - translated from Spanish )
How would you like to be addressed since that you have so many titles?
I am the President of the Council of Ministers and State and the Chief Commander of the Cuban Military so you can address me as "Comandante"or "Presidente".
Comandante, now you're no longer a spring chicken, have you ever thought of giving up your power to your Deputy or some one younger?
Non sense, the day I'll give up my command is the day I die and I can guarantee you that I will be here for long time to come... ( grins )
You have a very good friendship with Diego Maradona?
Yes he is a very nice man, one of my best friends.... believe it or not.
Some people say that you have no friends at all, ennemies it true?
You and your sources are obviously incorrect. I have million of friends all over the world, of course in my position I have also few ennemies, don't you think that's normal ?
Some of your most famous ennemies being Che Guevara and General Ochoa !
What happened ?
I am asking you what happened
Well everyone knows that the great Che was executed in Bolivia, mistake or not we'll never know.
General Ochoa was one of the best Cuban of all times until he dirtied is hands with Blood and Cocaine while his troops, our troops, were fighting to save the Angolan people from dicatorship. He was regularly judged and sentenced to death according to our constitution, so I do not see the point of your question ?
My point is, was he or not your scapegoat?
Scapegoat for what?
Everyone knows that Cuba has long been a bridge for the cocaine traffic
Do you have any evidence of your allegation? ( he laughs )
Not me personally but the American Government do
Yeah keep believeng the terrorist mafia of Washington and you will have no bright future
Is it a warning or a threat?
I never threaten people, no-one so just take it as a warning for your own sake
Thank you Comandante, will consider your words as a personal life treasury
They ( USA ) are responsible for most of the wars in our century and they also control the global drug trade, criminals...
You do not like homosexuals, is it true ?
They are the ruin of our society and it is against nature to be attracted by the same sex, eventhough we are in 2006 and the world is changed [in worse] I still adehere to my 'healthy' principals.And what the hell with this question ? Ask me something intelligent..!
My questions are always intelligent and related to the topic...Comandante.
If you say so.

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